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White Butterfly

The work of the Khandroling Paper Cooperartive


                                                                                     Milan Rai

From:    Sept 14   to   Sept 29

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies. Some truth can be as simply put as the sentence above. Milan Rai, a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal, understood this and decided to do something about it.
Before the ‘White Butterfly’ movement propelled him into the attention of media and activism, he was an artist who lived a quiet life in search of finding ways to bring art to the public.The concept of a ‘Butterfly City’ was a beautiful coincidence. While working on an entirely different project with new ideas in his studio, a fluttering butterfly landed on Milan’s paintbrush. “It was a kind of revelation!” Milan says. “At that moment, I became aware. This small butterfly, one of the most vulnerable creatures in the world, was there in front of me…teaching me so much.”Milan installs white butterflies everywhere in the city…it could be a broken and time-battered crossway, a fragmentary wall, a busy street or a tree trunk along the pavement. He uses white butterflies in his installations as a symbol of pure transformation , He believes that every individual, like a butterfly, has the power to transform themselves and when this transformation happens collectively, we can observe miracles in their truest form.

He started in his City’. Now, he wants his butterflies are travelling around the globe, creating a ‘Butterfly World’ – spreading the message of love and happiness, creating a world that is aware and ready to tap into its inner power and lift itself from the daily drudgery and for once open its eyes and see how wonderful and miraculous it is…and indeed live life like a butterfly..

Hours: 2-8 Sept 14, reception, paper-making, meet the artist

Sept 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 1-5pm


link to Khandroling blog article on paper making cooperative:

Link to articles on MIlan Rai:,523



Shelburne Falls

The international journey of the White Butterfly




S h e r y l  J a f f e     S h a r i n g   L i g h t    J u n e  2 9  -  A u g u s t  4,  2 0 1 3

Fibers soak up water, absorbing everything in that water. The fibers of our being, us humans also soak up water. We, like fibers are held together by water and other fibers. This is what paper IS. Fibers that have been freed by their former constriction within the plant are now able to connect in any which way. Their new connection is bonded through water. Share a glass of water with a friend. Go for a swim, make a new friend. Make some paper and express your relationship. How did you meet? What binds you together? Notice the light. The light in the glass of water, the light on the surface of the river, the illumination of the river bottom. Light and water. What are we made of? Elements that are new and different every day. Light and water. Plant fibers capture the light and water for our consumption, our expression, our pleasure and communication. Share the light.

Sheryl Jaffe, 2013

Shelburne Falls Art Walk- July 13, 2-4 pm paper-making



Christin CoutureThe Nearest Faraway Place- May 2 through May 27, 2013

A small selection of diminutive panel paintings from the studio.

For over a decade in all weather and seasons Couture has drawn, painted, photographed, and filmed from a precipice overlooking Salmon Falls, her ‘nearest faraway place’ close to home in Shelburne Falls. Its protean nature converges in a spectacle of light and mood constantly colliding and shifting yet retaining its iconic form as place. From such a bonding fully understood moments unfold their monumental intimacy.

In the spirit of ever changing Nature, several paintings were exchanged with newer works in progress over the course of the exhibition at random times encouraging viewers to keep coming back.

Accompanying video footage is in the works.

To view all images from the show, Click Here

There was an article related to this show in the Greenfield Recorder. You can try to access it here Recorder > UMGallery > The Nearest Faraway Place


Liza Cassidy, Aug 5-Oct 28, 2012

Posted on


July 1 – August 5
Indestructible Mirror: Modern Tibetan Painting
by contemporary Tibetan artists

June 8 – 28
by artist Bret Bourman

May 20 – 31
Psychedelic Binoculars: a particular parallax
by artist Peter Ruhf

Feb 1 March 31
Random Art
by artists Jim Smith, Stephanie Denyer, Moses Hoskins, Harold Graves, Barbara Denyer, Peter Ruhf, Louise Landes Levi and more.

Dec 16 – Jan 31
by artist Michael Katz

The paintings of Michael Katz create a dimension in the space of the canvas, and events in color and form, with movement, in the microcosm of the two dimensional world. Each canvas contains references which, through the discipline of painting, Katz playfully orchestrates into a whole. His work is fresh and genuine, whether in abstract expressionist mode or figurative or a blend of both.

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“The artist is akin to the alchemist transforming mundane into transcendent as an alternative to the gross materialism and deadening conformity too present in our daily life.
In my art I seek to communicate a sense of possibility, freedom, energy, and spontaneity as I weave symbols and a personal vocabulary into multimedia art pieces. I hope to communicate and invite viewers into the act of creation as they enter and share symmetry, vibrant color, organization and jazzy rhythms with me. My work is frequently suggestive of inner dynamism, mystical forms and elusive meanings that excite and linger just beyond the tip of the tongue.”—Michael Katz; M. A. Psy.D.

Dr. Katz has written two books on dreams, “Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light,” and “Tibetan Dream Yoga, the Royal Road to Enlightenment,” and lectures and teaches on this subject, using his research and studies to help others to achieve lucidity and awareness in dreaming. His career as a psychologist has helped him to put this work into a western context, while the framework of his studies is largely that of Tibetan Buddhism with the Dzogchen Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. He has also been an instructor of Yantra Yoga.
He is also the author of a fiction book, “The White Dolphin,” which seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues, and a book of poetry, “The Crossing.”


Work of Ted Denyer
May thru June 2011
   Two shows of paintings and drawings
    from the 1970′s- 2004


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