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Bret Bourman

InsideOut – narrative  InsideOut – description of elements

   Bret Bourman’s InsideOut video   

Opening was Friday June 8, 2012 @ 8pm

The exhibition explored questions about the internal and external dialogues between man and the environment of which he is a part. Both the interior and exterior spaces of the gallery were incorporated with elements that diametrically oppose these respective environments.

In this exhibit, Bourman utilized installation in combination with performance art to facilitate an event at which people collectively created something from their surroundings to benefit others. Viewers of the exhibit informed the work by volunteering to participate in the rearrangement of the installationʼs elements. The elements were assembled to create a new whole, and a viewer was then invited to climb inside of the composition so that he or she might emerge benefited by the groupʼs collaborative offering.

Video of the event, using footage gathered by staged cameras, as well as footage that opening night viewers contributed from their own handheld devices, became an integral part of the exhibition.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated by the artist for the preservation of the cultural traditions of Tibet.

other works by the artist include:

aveda tree — multi media. permanent installation: Aveda Inc., VanDavis Aveda.

building bridges – video art. toured exhibition: Fowler Museum, University of Tehran, and projected on edifices in Tehran.

giselle – pencil on paper. permanent collection: LʼOpéra National de Paris.

vision at daybreak — oil on canvas. private collection: Laura San Giacomo.

oats — multi media. permanent installation: City of West Hollywood.


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