Indestructible Mirror- Modern Tibetan Painting- July 1-Aug 5

collection Efrem Marder and Marit Cranmer

The current show in Ursa Major is an exhibit of works by several Tibetan artists, some of whom live in India or Nepal, but most of whom are from Tibet. The work shows strong influences of Tibetan Buddhist culture even as it engages with western artistic traditions.  Among the paintings are works by Gade, Drugu  Choegyal Rinpoche, Tserang Dhondup, Tenzin Norbu and others. The large painting by Gade, “Group Photo 2,” is in the form of a distressed mandala, that includes images from western and eastern cultures, a pantheon of icons in the past of the future, while Tserang Dhondup’s “Nomads at the Jokhang” depicts a moving scene from the present era in great detail.

mYak, a line of fine baby yak wool scarves and shawls harvested on the Tibetan plateau and woven in Italy is available during the show, viewable on Facebook at Yak.

Special thanks to Paola Vanzo whose collection is featured, as well as to Efrem Marder and Marit Cranmer.

Several pieces are for sale;  sales benefit A.S.I.A, the Association for International Solidarity in Asia.

Hours are 1-6 Thurs. Fri. Sat & Sun.

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