The show, the work, the world…

After the show, after trying to publicize it, selecting the work, getting it hung, putting on the opening, and cleaning up, what remains to be done? Everything! There is no coasting along on the thrilling fact that Peter’s paintings are hanging on the walls and look great. People must come see them. Sitting the gallery, one can’t help but notice that most people are not so interested in looking at art. They walk by- the cool, the uncool, the tired, the hungry, the busy, the happy, the beautiful, the ugly, and a few stop in, some comment and enjoy- and they are the ones who make it seem good to be there. Children and younger people seem curious and open. I wonder if the images were printed on mugs and tee-shirts whether people would come in? If, as a former exhibitor claimed, we sold chocolate? Something that people felt was a necessary, somewhat enjoyable, vital part of their lives, challenging- engaging. Important. Isn’t seeing something human that reflects experience important? These aren’t just experiences like “my foot hurts,” or “Man, is she hot!” or “how can I get him to love me more?”"- these are more like “If you do not inhibit your mind by all sorts of artificial barriers, if you cease being afraid of death for a while, if you use the eyes not only in your head but in your mind, there is a lot going on- and it’s stuff that connects you to the cosmos. To others. To your own heart. It’s in all of us. It’s all inside you! It’s here! Look!” kinds of things. Boy, maybe I should do the sandwich board thing and just walk around saying EAT AT URSA MAJOR! Food for the soul. Use the toilet. Have a drink of water. Talk. Look. Be.

That does not begin to touch the art fair phenomenon, the big old Art as Business, trendiness issue. How does a real fine artist find his viewership? How do they find him?

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