Random Art

Random Art
Feb 1 March 31

“Having no definite aim or purpose; not sent or guided in a particular direction; made, done, occurring, etc., without method or conscious choice; haphazard.” Oxford English Dictionary

Random Art in this case means either art that is not of any particular genre, or that just happened to be there, or art that happened through a random process or all of the former qualifications. Some of the pieces in the Random Art show are found objects, some were created as a by-product of another process, but all can be perceived as art.


There are pieces by artists such as painter Moses Hoskins, whose work can be seen in galleries and collections, next to pieces by unknowns such as Stephanie Denyer, whose unique vision is presented in various media- photography, cloth sculpture, clothing design and others.

Harold Graves, cartoonist and visual commentator, is represented by several pieces, as is Peter Ruhf. whose work on the life of Mary Magdalene offers a gnostic view of early Christianity. Jim Smith’s abstracts are momentous events on the wall, and Barbara Denyer’s small assemblages capture the eye from the floor. There are several other artists included in the show.

“One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.” — Bertrand Russell

“Anarchy means having to put up with things that really piss you off.”
– Unknown


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